New Calendar and Competition List

New Calendar and Competition List

A new Calendar for 2023 and a new Club Competitions List has now been published. These are both available for down load from the resources page or via the Calendar page. The reason for these revisions are outlined below

ArcheryGB recently announced some changes to the Classification and Handicap systems that took effect from the beginning of this year.

More detailed information can be found on the ArcheryGB website or on the Resources page of our club website.

Other than changes to the scores needed to achieve each classification, the two most significant changes for club archers are:

  1. The replacement of a single Bowman classification with Bowman First, Second and Third Class.
  2. The requirement that a Bowman Classification (third, second or first class) may only be achieved in Club Competition (or record status events), i.e. they can no longer be achieve in open shooting at the club.

Since we only hold 4 competitions each year that would be eligible for Bowman classification it has been decided to introduce six additional “Bowman” competitions to provide additional opportunities for members to achieve these classifications.

The schedule for 2023 is as follows.  Note those highlighted are the competitions in the normal club schedule.

23/04/2023St. George Competition
30/04/2023Bowman Series – WA70
28/05/2023Bowman Series – New National
25/06/2023Bowman Series – New Western
30/07/2023Bowman Series – WA 1440
06/08/2023Yorkshire Day Competition
20/08/2023Bowman Series -WA 1440
03/09/2023Outdoor Championships
17/09/2023Outdoor Handicap
29/10/2023Bowman Series – WA 70

Although the Bowman Series events will be run as a club competition this will not prevent other club members shooting a different round of their choosing at the same time.

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