It seems you are never too old to collect badges.  At the club we run a number of schemes.

252 Scheme

In the summer, between shooting rounds, people generally work on the 252 Badge collection.

The club operates the 252 badge scheme.  At any imperial distance from 20 to 100 yards, shoot 3 dozen arrow.  If you score more than 252 you get a badge. With a little maths you will see that you need to average 7 (i.e. red) with each arrow. For novice archers this is a very good way of working on your arrow grouping as you increase the distance being shot. For those shooting compound, longbow or barebow please consult the table below for the scores required.

As an unofficial round you do not need to have your score verified by a target captain, simply sign the sheet in the target shed and take the relevant badge from the box. Your first badge is free, thereafter either return your previous badge or leave £2 in the honesty box for your next badge.


Portsmouth Badges

Throughout the winter the club shoots indoors and the round of preference is curently a Portsmouth which consists of 5 dozen arrow shot on a 60cm face at 20 yards with 10 zone scoring.  Badges are available for scores above 325.  Simply submit  your scoresheet to the records officer then,  at the Xmas fun shoot and the Indoor Handicap Competition, badges will be awarded.

Archery GB Progress Awards

In Feb 2020 the results of a review of the Archery GB’s official awards scheme was published and the revised progress award scheme is now as follows:

The AGB Progress Award Scheme is a progression of awards for new archers after completion of a Beginners’ Course. It can extend over an unspecified time period to suit individual needs and can be awarded to any age of archer.


  • 5 colours of badge will be awarded – white, black, blue, red, gold. Badges will indicate Indoor or Outdoor.
  • Separate badges will be awarded for Indoor and Outdoor shooting. (60 cm 10 zone Indoors, and 122 cm 5 zone Outdoors. In addition, clubs may shoot on an 80cm face, 10 zone scoring, metric distances).
  • Indoor Compound shooting will be based on Inner Ten Ring scores.
  • Certificates and badges will be awarded by clubs at each level.
  • The standard for each colour will be set in line with that of Ladies/Junior Ladies AGB classifications – i.e. White standard is based on 3rd class – Gold is based on 1st class – with Black, Blue and Red graded in between.
  • Badges to be awarded to 5 age groups – U12, U14, U16, U18, Seniors. Clubs may offer an Over 65 group, using U16 scores.
  • No differentiation between genders.
  • All colours of badges can be gained again at each age level or bow type, in any order.
  • Find score requirements at this link.


  • Archers will be required to shoot 3 dozen arrows in a single session to gain a qualifying score.
  • Archers will be required to shoot 3 qualifying scores for each badge awarded.
  • 6 Sighters are required as a minimum: extra Sighters can be allowed at the discretion of the club but a “start scoring point” must be indicated.
  • More than one round can be shot in the same session/day.
  • Only one badge can be awarded for each qualifying set of 3 rounds.


  • Scores must be submitted on Golden Records.
  • The correct/relevant “Progress” round must be selected when submittting a score on Golden Records.
  • Score countersignatures are not required.
  • Claims for badges should be submitted to the Record Officer.
  • First badge is free, subsequent badges cost £3.