There are two sets of fees to be paid if you wish to be a member of The Valley Bowmen of Huddersfield

Club Membership

This is payable on 1st April each year.  For the year 2023/24 the fees (payable on 1st April 2023) will be :

Membership GradeAnnual Fee (2023/24)
Disabled Archer£30.00
Associate Member£70.00

Archery GB

The Club is affiliated to Yorkshire Archery Association, the Northern Counties Archery Society and to Archery GB by whose rules we abide.  Annual membership to all three organisations run from 1st October each year.

The fees payable (through the club) for 2023/2024 are as follows

Membership GradeArchery GBYAANCASTOTAL
Club member senior (25 and over)£50.00£4.00£2.00£56.00
Club member senior (18 to 24 inclusive)£13.00£4.00£2.00£19.00
Junior member (under 18s, all categories)£13.00£0.40£0.20£13.60
Archers with disabilities (all ages)£13.00£0.40£0.20£13.60

Note: The above fees are for members renewing their membership. ArcheryGB charge a first year supplement for new members of £8.00 for seniors. (A £3 supplement applies to new members registering direct with ArcheryGB).

Most archers pay their Archery GB fees through the club however you may choose to be a direct member and thus pay your fees direct to Archery GB.  The fee structure for 2023/24 for renewing Direct members is as below.

Membership GradeArchery GB
Direct member senior (25 and over)£58
Direct member senior (under 25)/Disabled£13