The annual Grand Prix competition was first introduced in 2013 as part of out 50th Anniversary celebrations and has been run in every subsequent year.

Each summer outdoor shooting season is split in to 13 two-week periods.  All scoresheets submitted in the period are automatically entered into the competition.  Points are awarded to each archer based on their individual performance in the period. At the end of each period a leaderboard is published with points for each period accumulating as the summer progresses.

At the end of the season, in early October, we hold a Grand Prix Awards fun shoot.  This is usually a miniature version of the Summer Fun Shoot with “special” prizes for the various combinations of age / gender / bow style that complete.  At this shoot a trophy/medal is awarded to the archer in first place on the Grand Prix leader board.

In simple terms, make sure you shoot at least one round per period (and remember to submit the score!).

For those wanting the more complicated explanation………

  • For each scoresheet submitted our Grand Prix “guru” (Alan Marriott) calculates the handicap value for that score/round/age/gender.
  • At the end of each period the best handicap value for each archer is used to calculate the period result
  • Each archers best handicap value in the period is compared the archers actual handicap as a percentage, i.e. 100% means you have shot to your current handicap, whereas >100% indicates the best value was better handicap and <100% the value worse than handicap);
  • A list of all participants that period is ordered by percentage – largest to smallest;
  • The maximum number of points available is the number of participants that period.  So, 25 participants means the leader gains 25 point and bottom of the table only 1 point in that period;
  • Points accumulate each period.
  • At end of season, most points wins !