Archery GB Subs Now Due

Archery GB Subs Now Due

Membership fees for Archery GB (and YAA and NCAS) are due on 1st October.

Please note that to be able to shoot you must have insurance AND be a club member. Currently there are 10 juniors and 22 seniors who have not renewed their club subscription. Thanks to the 13 juniors and 90 seniors who have renewed their club subscription hence contributing £5790.00 to the club funds. As you know we have not run any beginner courses or have a go’s since lockdown and the indoor course started in February was only half completed. This has left a deficit of well over £3000.00 of income from the courses and I have had to cancel at least 3 enquiries for have a go’s.

The fee structure (including subs to AGB, YAA and NCAS) are as follows:

Senior (over 24)£53.00
Senior (18 – 24)£18.00
Junior (under 18)£12.60
Archer with disabilities£12.60

Archers who register their membership direct with Archery GB please refer to the AGB website for details of fees payable

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