You may have noticed on the Yorkshire Archery Association website and Facebook page the list of competitions being held throughout Yorkshire and the Northern Counties.

Pre-pandemic Valley Bowmen were often well represented at many of these external competitions, mainly local but some much further afield. Unfortunately, in recent times whilst club membership has been growing, attendance at these competitions has diminished.

Would you like to experience the atmosphere of a competition shoot? why not get signed up. If you’re worried about what happens and what to expect, why not pick a competition where one or more of your fellow club archers is going along and let them show you the ropes. There are also opportunities at some shoots that incorporate team award medals which are determined on scores across different bow styles from archers shooting for the same club. It would be great for Valley Bowmen to get back involved.

To encourage more members to join in we have listed below the competitions that other club members will be attending. Why not get yourself signed up. If you would like to find out more about any of the competitions and what to expect on the day or need any help submitting entries (which can be a bit of a faff) please get in touch as we have people here willing to help you out.

Annie Kynaston  
David Stewart 
Alice Knox 
Jonathan Powell 
Ian Hiscocks 
Euan OConnor 
Yorkshire Inter-Club Tournament Any Albion or Windsor Bronte Archers - Apperley Bridge 
South Leeds Archers Summer Westerns Westerns Woodkirk Valley FC Ground, Dewsbury Road, Dewsbury WF12 7JL 

Are you going, or thinking of going, to an external archery competition please use the form below to add the details to the above lists.