The Valley Bowmen of Huddersfield was founded in 1963 and is a community amateur sports club (CASC) affiliated to the Grand National Archery Society and ArcheryGB (the sports governing body in the UK).

With over 100 members, a history going back to 1963, and as the only archery club in our community, the Valley Bowmen have long been a feature in the local sporting landscape. Our field on Knowle Lane near Meltham has provided an ideal, if basic, outdoor venue for archery since we acquired it with the support of Kirklees Council in 1991.

In 2013 the organising committee of the Valley Bowmen applied for and were successful in receiving an “Inspired Facilities Grant” from Sport England. The grant has been used to erect a secure store, kitchen and a toilet block including all necessary services and with provision for access for all. In total we applied for just under £50k.

Details can be found at Inspired Facilities

We run a number of beginner courses throughout the year. For more details contact us. We also run a number of “have-a-go-sessions” during the summer months, ideal for charitable orginisations or groups of friends to experience archery prior to signing up for a beginners course or as a "one off" experience. These courses are designed for groups of friends / colleagues to experience the sport of archery.

We have a Private two acre outdoor archery range which is available for members to shoot at at all times.During the winter months we organise indoor shooting available to all club members.


                                          View from the field


We recently had a Committee Meeting and decided it was "fresh" enough to have it outdoors ....

Snow what snow?

Snow what Snow ???....


Quick Christmas Update... we recently had our annual Christmas Raffle Shoot - Here is a snippet of the report ...

"Gosh! Has another year gone already!! This 6th year of the Christmas Raffle Fun Shoot saw a small change to the proceedings, the targets prizes were even harder to find if that was possible. The prize zones were known to the referees but not the archers, lol. The format was still to score as many points as you could by avoiding the evil minus areas. Each archer had three arrows per end then had to move along the line shooting at each Christmas themed target in turn for as long as we could. The mince pies, biscuits and most of the sweets were a welcome distraction. There were 60 prize tickets to find each rewarding the finder with a random prize such as a sweet, a set of fairy wings, a plastic roast turkey and even a superb money off voucher from ‘Best at Flooring’ of Leeds​​""