For those wanting to learn more about technique and how to perfect it, look no further than the following few videos :
“The Wedge – Archery Form Perfected” – video
An explanation of Set, Setup, Draw, Release – video
Another explanation of the draw process – video

“The Recurve Shot: critical 2/100ths of a second” – video,

Looking for a good warm up routine, then take a look at this youtube video by Great Britain’s Naomi Folkard

The Online Archery Academy is an extremely useful resource with good explanation, pictures and videos covering the complete shot cycle. A “must read” for anyone looking to improved their technique.

Strength & Conditioning – Drills – Exercises – Training (call it what you will) :-

Here are two links to some S&C exercises developed/published by Richard Priestman during lockdown :- Link 1 and Link 2

You can’t do much better than see what Kisik Lee recommends. Here is a link to his SPT (Specific Physical Training) exercises. His training handbook is available for downlod below.

Equipment Related Links

Video Analysis Guidance: If you are using your own camera/phone/ssytem or using the club system, take a look at this guidance document which suggests camera placements that help analyse diffeernt elements of shooting technique.


Here are some books you might find useful/Interesting.

Total Archery – Inside the archerKisik Lee and Tyler Benner
ArcheryKim, Hyung Tak
Archery – Steps to SucccessKathleen Haywood, Catherine Lewis
Archery – The Art of RepetitionSimon Needham